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My newest works!! My gallery includes:

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Lady Allendra always had bad hearing. Not that it was severe enough to deem her deaf or even partially deaf, but it definitely put a damper on the amount of verbal information or general audible stimulus she received. She claimed that her bad hearing was genetic, which was partially true, but it mostly stemmed from her lack of awareness of the environment around her – so much so that it had evolved from her politely requesting a restatement of what was said to her every now and again to her simply not listening the first time anyone ever said anything to her, assuming that the information would be given twice each time someone spoke to her.

Most people who knew her had accepted that part of her, and others learned quickly to adapt to the Lady’s somewhat off-putting manner merely because she was often of higher rank than them and society demanded that sort of respect.

Not that cared about that sort of thing, really. Even at the age of 18, she still found exploring the town or chatting with her friends who worked in the estate preferable to making niceties with nobles whenever they came to visit.

…Especially now that her parents were inviting many from the esteemed class to meet with Allendra to possibly capture her hand in marriage.

Luckily, Allendra often preempted those meetings by sneaking out before their arrival, causing mischievous glee for her, frustration for her parents, and awkward situations for her suitors.

Lately, on such occasions, she would make her way to the docks, disguised as a young urchin boy. Most of the men there paid her no heed, so she was able to roam relatively freely, so long as she didn’t get in the way of anyone’s work. The area was crowded enough for her to blend in, but peaceful enough if she managed to procure a spot on a pier when the boats weren’t busy.

Today, it seemed particularly crowded, so Allendra sought out her favorite pier to watch the water. She was surprised to find someone there already, the figure of another man sitting in her usual spot. She was about to leave, when the man noticed her out of the corner of his eye and called out, “Sorry, am I in the way?”

He made a move to stand up, but she gestured for him to stay. She hadn’t spoken as her alter ego in awhile and took a moment to conjure up Alen, young fisher’s boy. “Just walking around. ‘S crowded today, so thought I’d come ‘ere for a spell. But go on, continue what you were doing. Best be on my way.”

She turned to walk away, but realized that he had said something to her. “What?” she responded, inclining her head towards him.

“Come, sit awhile with me! I’ve only come into town today and I’m feeling weary, but in need of some company. Let’s chat awhile, if you’re not busy?”

He wore a slight smile accompanied by brown eyes that bore slightly darkened circles beneath, but a glittering of genuineness. She still had plenty of time before she ought to return, so she decided to stay and chat with the young man. She shrugged, and walked forward to sit with him. He moved over to make room for her (she noticed), as well as asked her a question (she didn’t notice).

“Sorry? Bad ‘earing, y’know, what with these gulls yapping all the time.”

The young man chuckled and repeated, “What’s your name?”

“Alen. Of Relais. And you?”

He smiled. Allendra noticed a small dimple on his smiling cheek and got distracted. Realizing the hard-of-hearing part of her was cropping up again, she inwardly shook her head and apologized again for her horrid hearing.

He good-naturedly waved his hand and said, not for the first time (or for the last), “Martrus of Beyla. Nice to meet you.”

4. Repeat
The troll part of me wanted to just repost something I had written already LOL but I went ahead and wrote something else. I actually didn’t feel like writing anything this time, but somehow, what was meant to be a typical one-page one-shot type thing like the others became something I might continue in other prompts for the 30-day challenge :x
No no no no.

Jake paced back and forth in his room, occasionally groaning, leaning his head against the wall, or clenching and unclenching his fists.

Gah, so stupid! How could he let that happen? He saw the worst path towards the worst possible outcome and sprinted down it. Mowed over every single living thing on his rush to gratifying his emotions and—

Okay, stop. Maybe he was being a little dramatic. Maybe when he verbalized his angry emotions into the words, “break up,” she didn’t actually take them to mean that he wanted two of them to…stop…dating…


Why did he do that?? Why did he tell Becky that he wanted to break up?? All that happened was that he was frustrated with her, she responded appropriately, and he just went off on her and blurted out stuff he didn’t even mean about her character and how he couldn’t take it anymore.

Take what? Her kindness? Her generosity? Her time? Her honesty? Her amazing sense of humor, her impressive work ethic, her unwavering faith, her brilliant smile that made her eyes crinkle adorably and her cheeks dimple in a way that no one would notice unless they were really looking at her…

Jake stopped pacing at his sudden realization. He was afraid. He was scared to get too serious with her so quickly and he had been falling hard and wanted a way out, and he really didn’t mean those things he said to her in his moment of anger, he was just…

Jake was in love with her.

As if that flipped a switch in his head, Jake quickly grabbed his wallet, phone, and keys, and rushed out his apartment to find Becky. Turns out, he didn’t need to go far, because as he stepped out of his apartment complex, he found her, as he had left her, in front of his apartment. She was still sitting on the bench a little ways from the front gate, her posture dejected and slightly hunched over. Jake’s heart ached as he quietly stepped up to her, a nervousness growing in his gut more intense than the first time he asked her out. She heard his footsteps and lifted her head to look at him, the surprise clear in her face.

“Becky, I…,” Jake sighed, stepping towards her. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean those things I said to you…I was just scared because I really like you and I felt like things were moving so fast and my brain couldn’t keep up and you know guys, they just want to run away from everything – not that I’m trying to justify it, but –”

“Jake?” she interjected. “What are you trying to say?”

He ran a hand through his hair and head down, slowly looked upwards towards her. “I’m trying to say that…I love you and that I don’t want to break up.”

His heart beat wildly with anxiety as she stood up and stared at him, her face unreadable. Then, all of a sudden, her face blossomed into that smile he loved so much and she threw her arms around him and pulled him into an embrace.

“Took you long enough,” she said in a slightly quivering voice.

He tightened his grip on her and mumbled, “So does that mean you’ll forgive me and take this sad sack of potatoes back?”

She pulled back a bit to look him in the eyes. “Are you implying that I’m in love with a bag of spuds?”


She huffed, slightly amused. “Then I guess I’ll let it slide this time.”

He grinned and firmly pressed a kiss to her forehead, allowing his nervousness to dissipate into a sort of giddy happiness.

He was stupid, but he was her stupid.
The day was Wednesday. The time was about 8:05 AM, soon after official clock-in time. It was supposed to be just another boring, predictable day at work – just like Adam liked it.

And then in came Ella.

Not that she was particularly striking in her physical appearance (she had kind of a flustered, girl-next-door vibe) or her behavior (very nice – maybe a little too nice…and apologetic), but she was…something different.

Her first day on the job threw Adam’s morning routine off a little, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. After all, if he was anything, he was good at his job, and working in the fast-paced environment of New York at an advertising agency, he definitely knew how to handle a little unpredictability.

What he wasn’t expecting was distraction.

And emotions.

Oh, the emotions.

Not that Ella was the type of girl who exploded her feelings all over him or anything (which he appreciated) – she was able to keep her personal life and professional life well-separated. The emotions came when Adam started noticing some of her little idiosyncrasies and found himself caring about her.

What?? Adam didn’t care about anything. Adam had his own personal past sob story (who doesn’t?) and after that, he had decided to relinquish strong emotions and become an unfeeling rock. He liked that Adam. He liked predictable. He liked being in control. He liked not feeling pain over stupid feelings and women and anything else around him.

But then he hurt her. He had said something to upset her and he was surprised to find that he regretted it. He sought her out later to apologize and she confessed to him that she had recently caught her fiancé back home cheating on her with another woman she had once called friend. She had forgiven Adam, despite being in the midst of dealing with her own pain, and he realized then that the anger he felt towards her good-for-nothing boyfriend, the relief he felt from her forgiveness, and the desire to comfort her out of her sadness were swirling together into a distant, but vaguely recognizable feeling he had felt once before.

As they got to know each other better, he continually tried to ignore this growing emotion within him, and was even more annoyed to find that though it had brought him pain in the past, it was starting to seem like something worthwhile when it was with Ella.

Adam liked predictability. He liked knowing what was to come and what to expect.

But since that day that Ella came in for her first day of work, he slowly started to think that maybe, just a little, he liked the unpredictability of being caught up in her storm a little more.
2. Storm
Here’s number 2 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! I may have cheated a little because this refers to the Alphabet of Emotions story I had written in the past (but never finished, as usual -_-).
As soon as the final school bell rang, Carrie stormed out of her last period class, making a beeline straight for her car. She was sooooo emotional right now. So could not right now. Just could not.

Stupid school.

Stupid Patricia.

Stupid Bret.

Stupid, stupid Bret. Why is he so hot but so stupid??


Stupid prom.

Double ugh.

She wrenched her car door open, roughly tossed her backpack into the passenger seat, and after quickly snapping her seatbelt in place and adjusting her mirrors (because she’s not a dangerous driver, duh), was ready to go home to wallow in her hormone-charged emotions in the comfort of her own bed. She backed her car out quickly, and briefly entertained mowing down some safety cones to express her righteous anger, but didn’t because mature 16-year-olds don’t do that.

Bret was supposed to go prom with her. With her! Not her dumb sort-of-friend Patricia. Ugh. Patricia. Carrie had dropped subtle-yet-obvious hints to Patricia that she needed to back the heck off her crush so he could properly ask Carrie to go to pr0m? with him, but noooo the little sneak went and asked him first! And being the wonderful, nice, but sometimes completely unaware (but super adorable) ditz that he is, he said yes because “he hadn’t asked anyone else yet, so why not?”


Whyyyyy. She felt sooo sad right now. She hadn’t even made it fully out the parking lot yet when she abruptly braked on her car to thunk! her head against the steering wheel.

Maybe he actually likes her. She is pretty, Carrie begrudgingly admitted. They are in all the same honor classes together (even though they’re both stupid UGH). Carrie sighed and, in her state of self-pity, managed to somehow drive home without crashing into anything.

Once she got home, she did just as planned and ran straight to her room to throw herself on her bed. As she flung her body across the bed, her arm collided with her nightstand, her phone tumbling out her hand, along with some muttered curse words. Now physically AND emotionally in pain, she simply rolled over and thought sad thoughts until she eventually fell asleep.

Later that evening, she felt better about the whole thing, realizing she didn’t actually like him that much and whatever, they can go to prom together, lol. Not even mad.

He’s not that cute, anyway.
1. Collide
First entry in my 30 Day Writing Challenge! This is the first piece I've written in a while, gentle LOL.


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